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Home Cinema Rooms

Home cinema: It’s the latest in family entertainment and now it can be possible in your home. Surround sound and large-screen displays combine to offer an experience that rivals what you’d find in your local neighborhood movie theatre, but without waiting in the ticket line! Imagine being able to watch your favorite movies and sporting events in a comfortable, personal setting. The home cinema room experience transcends the mundane because the visual impact and concentrated sound deliver an amazing experience that your family and friends will talk about and enjoy for years. With a Home Cinema Room from Doggett and Company Custom Media Solutions, you will have the expert service of a professional team that really knows how to ensure that your home cinema room makes a grand impression, while tailoring the solution to your needs. You are in the best seat in the house with a Home Cinema Room solution from Doggett and Company Custom Media Solutions.


• Flat panel display:
For everyday watching and smaller home theaters, sizes ranging from 20” to 90”.


• Front Projection:
For the ultimate home cinema experience. Consider a projection system with screen sizes from 83” and up!
• Customized Control:
So simple and intuitive, the whole family can operate your system. Finally, a system that will not confound and confuse! Let us provide you with simplicity and ease of operation.
• Surround Sound:
From basic bedroom system, to Family Room "hidden" theater, to full-blown home cinema, we have you covered!