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Home Entertaiment

"Your home is your haven, and bringing complex home entertainment and automation technology into the home expands the range of your entertainment options to an almost endless limit. What makes your senses soar really comes from simple and intuitive systems."

Whole house music systems afford homeowners unparalleled ambiance and quality of lifestyle. With a whole house system, you can experience your favorite music inside and outside the home. From radio to digital media, your favorite sounds can be everywhere you are! Entertaining was never so glamorous, and now it’s so simple with a virtually one-touch solution by Doggett and Company Custom Media Solutions. Our touch panels and speakers are unobtrusive and fit seamlessly into your décor. We offer a myriad of personalized solutions and expert service to accommodate all ranges of taste and budget.

• Music
• Video
• Surround Sound
• Flat Screens
• Energy Saving Lighting Solutions
• Remote Access Surveillance

• Whole House Music • Distributed HD Video